Tubal Blockage -Treatment With Ayurveda

Female reproductive system consists of three parts first uterus Sikkim fallopian tubes and third ovaries fallopian tubes connect the ovaries to the uterus. Every month during the ovulation egg is egg is released from ovaries in the fallopian tube which when means with the male egg that is sperm conception happens. Then movie tube to the uterus for implantation if a fallopian tube is blocked the passage for the eggs eggs 2 release in uterus and the passage for the sperm to reach to the eggs is blocked Dus it hampers fertilization The most common causes of blocked fallopian tubes are fallopian tube blockage are congenital anomalies adhesions due to endometriosis or adenomyosis comma infections of pelvic area comma scar tissue comma tubercular tuberculosis of uterus.

Common symptoms of of blocked fallopian tubes there are orphan no symptoms related to oo fallopian tube blockage people come to know about out of this when the try to conceive and and I face trouble in the same HSG is a technique to know show about out human condition.

We may suspect tubal blockage in in and Mitosis endometriosis adenomyosis and tuberculosis patients also show some people feel regular pain on one side awfully equation this navy because of of hydrosalpinx it also create tubal blockage.

Effect of fallopian tube blockage on and fertility of a female male and female and egg meet in the tube so if tube is blocked its prevent from Om Construction how fertilization does it creates infertility.


If if both tubes are blocked natural conception is not possible but single tube is blocked patient me conceive naturally.

Patients are advised for in vitro fertilization that is ibf if if both tubes are both are blocked in Ayurveda we can and try to open fallopian tube blockage naturally with ayurvedic medicines and Panchakarma therapy like Uttar Basti.

Uttar Basti is a technique medicated oil oil is inserted in the uterus on on day 6 7 8 it and and I repeat it after 3 days gap for 3 more days this oil this technique helps to to resolve editions information extra in philippian tubes and does open the tubes there are are almost 80% chances for for opening of tubes failures occurs if if there is congenital tubal blockage or or extreme elections or aur your location due to ectopic pregnancy or or or any other issues.

So show at best ayurvedic centre in Delhi that is is Asha Ayurveda Kerala Panchakarma centre Dr chnchal Sharma is successfully treating tubal blockage cases and results was of the disease problem you’re my contacts directly a doctor II II send your reports at 9811 7 7 3770

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