Piles, Fistula Fissure Treatment by Ayurvedic Kshar sutra Therapy

Piles and Fistula Fissure Treatment

The sufferer of Fistula is anaesthetized with local or general or spinal anesthesia, then a malleable probe is passed through the external opening of the fistula to the inner opening in the anal canal and probe is gently applied for through anal opening to outside along with a Kshara Sutra in the groove of the probe. Later both ends of the Kshara Sutra is tied collectively. The Kshara Sutra is replaced by a new one after a span of 1 week. The Kshara Sutra slowly cuts and heals the tract. Finally the full fistulous tract mends after cutting.

Mode of action of Fistula Kshara Sutra Treatment
  • It aides in cutting, curetting, depleting and mending/ healing of the fistulous track.
  • It crushes and evacuates unhealthy tissue and advances healing of the fistulous track because of caustic activity.
  • Controls infection by the microbicidal activity.
  • Separation of trash and cleaning the injury.
  • Facilitate in drainage of discharge in fistulous tract and help in mending.
  • Cutting through the tissues and exposing the track.
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Kshara Sutra treatment in Piles / Haemorrhoids

The patient of haemorroids is anesthetized with local anesthesia. Initially, piles mass is held with piles holding forceps and brought out of the anus, then given entry point at mucocutaneous junction. Later slight force applied over the pile mass and transfixed by Kshara Sutra at the base. Ligated pile mass is replaced inside the rectum and rectal pack with Yastimadhu taila or ghrita is applied there.

Mode of action of Haemorrhoids/ Piles Kshara Sutra treatment
  • It does chemical cauterization and mechanical strangulation of the blood vessel.
  • Local gangrene of the pile mass tissue is created.
  • It creates Ischemic necrosis and debridement of unhealthy tissue.
  • Sloughing of the mass within 5-7 days.
  • Finally, Healing of the wound takes 10-15 days.
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Ayurvedic Treatment for Fissure

A tear or crack in the lining of anus is termed as Fissure. Most common cause of Fissure is constipation, hard stools. As per Ayurveda, Basti Therapy is given in Fissure along with medicines and patient gets cured. We have successfully treated many of deep fissures with Ayurvedic Fissure treatment in Delhi NCR

Pilonidal Sinus Kshara Sutra Treatment

The patient/sufferer is anesthetized with local anesthesia and after that a probe with Kshara Sutra is passed through the outside opening of the pilonidal sinus to the skin. Later both closures of the Kshara Sutra is tied. The Kshara Sutra is replaced by another one following an interim of one week. The Kshara Sutra progressively cuts and recuperates the sinus tract.

Advantages of Kshara Sutra Therapy in Delhi
  • Minimal recurrance rate.
  • Systemic ailments are additionally experiencing this methodology.
  • No surgical complicatuions like incontinence, stenosis and stricture have been noticed till date.

Kshar Sutra Treatment in Delhi for Rectal prolapse

The patient complains of rectal mucosa coming out of anal canal during defecation. In parial prolapse, the mucosa returns back to anus without manual repositioning however in the event of complete prolapse, patient needs to put it back inside the anus with fingers. It is related with weak musculature, operations, tear in female during delivery and so forth. The treatment is finished by putting a ring around rear-end to offer strength to muscles alongside correction of bowel habbits by Ayurvedic medications.

Kshar Sutra therapy in Polyps

It is a typical reason for bleeding at the time of defication in early childhood. There is projection of a mass from anus while defication. It is dealt with by ligation and excision techniques alongside Ayurvedic medications and the outcomes are great. Restorative/ medicinal treatment is favored at Aasha Ayurveda centre.


Ksharasutra Therapy is an Ayurvedic Parasurgical Technique. The father of surgery, Acharya Sushruta described in his teachings the utilization of Kshara for cure of fistula in ano and other anorectal illnesses. It is being utilized for the fruitful treatment of Anorectal Diseases from many years.
In this technique, a specially prepared thread (Kshar Sutra) is used to cure the disease. Kshar Sutra acts as "Herbal Chemical Cauterisation" and expels the disease from the body.
Many studies have been published by Ayurvedic specialists with successful results for treatment of fistula in ano and other anorectal diseases by utilization of Kshara Sutra.
Indications – Fistula-in-ano, haemorrhoids, sentinel piles, pilonidal sinus, rectal or anal polyps, warts etc.

Method of Action of Kshar Sutra
  • The cut through of fistulous tract is affected by the weight applied on anorectal tissue by the tolerably tight Kshar Sutra tied in the fistulous tract.
  • The presence of Kshar Sutra in the fistulous tract does not allow the fistulous tract from apex to the periphery. There is an simultaneous cutting and healing of the tract and no pocket of pus is allowed to stay back.
  • The Kshar Sutra gradually and step by step cuts through the fistulous tract from apex to periphery. There is a perfect synchronous cutting and healing of the tract and no pocket of discharge is permitted to remain back.
  • The Kshara (Caustics) applied on the thread are anti inflammatory, antislough agents and furthermore, have property of synthetic curetting. The Kshar Sutra stays in direct contact of the tract and therefore, it chemically curettes out the tract and bogs out the epithelial coating, in this manner enabling the fistulous tract to collapse and heal.
  • The Kshar Sutra, because of its antibacterial property, does not enable microorganisms to increase in its nearness.
  • The pH of Kshar Sutra was towards the soluble side and in this manner it didn't enable rectal pathogens to attack the pit.

  • Post Kshar Sutra Therapy Instructions
  • Patients are permitted to take orally just fluid eating routine before six hours of operation.
  • From next morning, warm Pancha Valkal Kwath sitz shower are encouraged to take atleast thrice a day including 5gm Sphatikadi yog for a base time of 3 weeks.
  • Semi solid diet regimen is permitted following 3-4 hours of the system.
  • Tab. Triphala Guggulu – 500 mg TDS, Haritaki Churna - 5-10 gm. once at sleep time taken after by warm water were endorsed.
  • Matrabasti (10 ml.) is endorsed twice every day for an additional two weeks.
  • If patient complains of pain, some pain relieving medicine is recommended.
  • Antibiotics are maintained a strategic distance from.

  • Benefits of the Ksharsutra Therapy
    • It is an Out Patient Treatment.
    • It is performed mostly under Local anesthesia.
    • Only 30- 45 minutes is required for the procedure
    • 4. Hospital stay is usually minimum. (5-6 hrs).
    • 5. Minimal bed rest is required after the procedure.
    • 6. Patient can resume his / her daily routine within 3 to 5 days.
    • 7. The recurrence rate is very less after Ksharsutra ligation procedure.
    • 8. Most important benefit of Kshar Sutra Therapy over Modern Surgeries is that the muscles that supports the Anus and helps in controlling the bowel movements are not dissected and hence the possibility of Anal Incontinence (loss of power to hold stools) is not there.

    Why Ayurvedic medicines and Ksharsutra treatment are the best treatment for Anorectal disorders?
    • These are Herbal and natural therapies and cause minimal side effects.
    • The peri-anal area contains abundance of fat, which helps in easy defecation. Surgery removes this precious fat and destroys normal defecation mechanism.
    • The anal canal contains muscles which help in controlling defecation. They may be damaged by surgery and anal incontinence occurs.
    • Chance of recurrence is fair, if pathology is not cleared properly as in high anal fistula.
    • Ksharsutra doesn't destroy tissue. It heals the wound with minimum scarring and patient doesn't need to take long bed rests as in surgery.