Ayurvedic Therapies for Joint Pain | Back Pain and frozen shoulder

According to Ayurveda, a holistic way of living, chronic pain is caused by doshic (energy) imbalances and is influenced by many factors like diet, digestion, toxin accumulation, stress, exercise levels and daily routine. Pain in the joints is very common complaint as a person advances in years. More often than not, these joint pains are due to arthritis. There are several kinds of arthritis which may occur in old age. In all these types, the indication is that the joints have reduced gap, degenerative changes are there with age and so they are not working properly themselves. In this manner, joint pains are an autoimmune disease, i.e. one in which the body attacks itself.

Arthritis is ailment targetting joints of body, bones and muscles where it may or may not cause inflammation in these parts and make patients suffer from :

With the increasing stage, patient is decreased to a worse state and extreme suffering, pain etc where they are restricted body movements. The movement results in extreme pain and discomfort. With more than 50 different types of arthritis, with each one is having different symptoms. There are many treatments that are advised for subsiding pain and increasing the body movements. But one which can actually decrease pain and make condition better without side-effects is Ayurveda.

Apart from these ayurvedic herbs, there are other treatment procedures and medicines that we use at Aasha Ayurveda which are rich in minerals and are used for nourishing the joints and cartilages. With different combinations of Ayurvedic formulations prepared by our experts, many varieties of arthritis can be effectively treated and its pain is reduced to great extent. Here, we offer personalized treatments specially designed as per the requirement of particular patient comprising treatment steps like :

As per Ayurveda, Joint pains or Arthritis is caused by suppression of jatharagni that results in poor digestion, thus leading to accumulation of undigested wastes (toxins) in body. It buildup waste matter (ama).
The disease is classified under three categories-

Few Other Kinds of Joint Pains are-
Cervical / Lumbar Spondylitis
Cervical spondylitis is a common degenerative condition of the cervical (neck)/ lumbar(lower back) spine.It is most likely caused by ageing, injury due to wrong body postures or repetitive stress. It is mostly found in working professionals from Coorporate sectors who have long sitting hours. It can cause pain in neck, shoulders, upper limbs, lower back and persistent stiffness, dizziness, vomiting etc.

Frozen Shoulder
Frozen shoulder is also known as adhesive capsulitis. It is a condition characterized by pain and stiffness in shoulder joint. As the condition gets worsened, shoulder's range of motion is markedly reduced. It usually affects one shoulder at a time, although some people may develop frozen shoulder in the opposite shoulder eventually.

We at Aasha Ayurveda, offer treatments with self-care efforts. Most of the people with frozen shoulder regain nearly full shoulder range of motion and strength as signs and symptoms improve. 

Sciatica (Gridhrasi)
Sciatica is a symptom of a problem with the sciatic nerve which originates from the lumbar spine and travels through lower back. It provides innervations to the muscles of buttocks, knee, back of thigh, and lower leg. If this nerve is impinged due to lumbar disc herniation or compression or fracture of pelvis, sciatica is manifested in the regions of its nerve supply. Pain, tingling sensations, weakness, numbness etc are the commonest symptoms associated with sciatica

Ankylosing Spondylitis (Vata roga)
It is type of arthritis (Sandhi Vata) of spine. It is an autoimmune disorder that causes back pain, stiffness and in later stage, may cause disability. The discs between the vertebra gets swollen up and cause limitation in the movement. It has been observed in late adolescence. With the time, the stiffness increases and the vertebrae fuses together. It may worsen or improve or stop on its own.

Steps to Eliminate Chronic Pain

Useful Herbs in the Treatment of Joint Pains: Bishop,s Weed, Ashwagandha,Caster oil, Celery,

Home Remedies for Joint Pain