Menstrual Disorder Treatment in Delhi India

Menstrual Disorders.

Pre Menstrual Syndrome or PMS is a condition which is characterized by following symptoms:

It usually starts approximately 7 days before the onset of menses and abruptly ceases with the stopping of menstruation.

Ayurveda believes that menstruation is a catabolic or depleting state and it is important to take physically and emotionally complete rest during this time. This is a time for self introspection and spirituality.

Treatment of PMS/PMDD in Ayurveda

IF VATA is imbalanced in body specially Basti pradesh and the symptoms are predominantly Vataj then one should do -

If the symptoms are predominantly Pittaj then following should be taken care of :

If the symptoms are predominantly Kaphaj:

It should be treated instantly because it can substantially increase the intensity of the PMS symptoms.

Vataj dysmenorrhea is treated with -

Pittaj dysmenorrhea is the best treated with:

Kaphaj dysmenorrhea is best treated with: