Eating natural fat metabolizers is the best way to get rid of stubborn belly fat. Expensive weight loss and fat burning supplements do not give long term results. Thus natural foods boost your metabolism and burn more calories and thus enhances weight loss. These also give you long lasting and healthier results.

weight loss

  1. Ajwayan- ½ tsf of ajwayan powder a day with luke warm water empty stomach.
  2. Dalchini – 7 gms of dalchini powder early morning and before going to bed increases metabolism
  3. Lemon Water- put one lemon juice in a glass of water at take it before going to bed.
  4. Triphla Phant : Saok 1 tsf triphla powder in water at night and take it empty stomach in the morning.
  5. Kaali jeeri– ½ tsf of the kaali jeeri twixe a day before meal helps you shedding inches.
  6. Methika Powder– 5 gms twice a day  empty stomach make you lose 2 Kgs in 15 days.

 Other natural fat metabolizers techniques are:

  1. Soya: Rich in proteins and body needs fat to digest soya.
  2. Protiens should not be taken with carbohydrates at night.
  3. Avoid salt intake after 7 pm in the evening.
  4. Never take fruit salad at bed time. It contains natural sugar.
  5. Have a glass of warm water ½ hour after meal. Don’t drink water in between the meal or just after meal.
  6. Have 2 tsf Adrak swaras empty stomach daily. It is helpful in dissolving stubborn fat.
  7. Exchange your normal sodium salt with saindhav namak ( salt) in your meal.
  8. Reduce intake of salt equally as you do with sugar.

Some Ayurvedic medicines for weightloss which helps in fat metabolism:

  1. Vyoshadi guggulu
  2. Navas loh
  3. Medohar Guggulu
  4. Aloe vera juice
  5. Amla Juice
  6. Triphla guggulu
  7. Medohar Ark
  8. Sea weed
  9. Varunadi Kwath.

Yogasanas  for weightloss which are recommended by Samhitas

 SuryaNamaskar: 5 repetitions daily increases blood circulation in whole body and burns fat with metabolic enhancement.

Tadaasana: Helps a lot in reducing belly fat as well as arms fat.

Vajra asana: Only asana  done post meal. It maintains proper digestive system and keeps agni samya.

Nokasana: It is best for belly fat, fat accumulated at lower back, sides and thighs.

Setu bandh asana: it helps in buring upper abdominal fat.

Dhanurasana: It improves digestion, reduces backache, and burns abdominal fat, and fat accumulated at neck.