Infertility is the biggest problem now a days which leads to the choice of IVF. Common causes of infertility are PCOD/ PCOS, thin endometrial size, poor quality of sperm, immotile sperm count, Azoospermia and most common is Infertility due to unknown reason. Ayurveda has best solutions in these cases. No injections, no hormones are used in treatment of infertility with Ayurveda.

Treat PCOS/ PCOD with Ayurveda – Better Success and Cost Effective No Side-effects

PCOS / PCOD is now a day’s proved to be the biggest cause of infertility. Women once diagnosed with PCOS /PCOD  feel that they won’t be able to concieve. This leads to a stressful life for these women and hence results in hormonal disturbance. Though, allopathy has no treatment for PCOS / PCOD yet it is treatable with Ayurveda with guarantee and PCOS women can conceive and have healthy children naturally (without the use of injectables and IVF).

How Does PCOS / PCOD Cause Infertility?

As per definition, PCOS / PCOD ie. Polycystic ovarian syndrome / disease causes lack of ovulation and thus, female egg,  ovum  is not released in some cycles. Egg follicles develop in multiple numbers but don’t mature properly and get released and results in forming cysts on the ovaries. If an ovum is not released, it’s obvious that patient wont be able to conceive.

How would I know that I am suffering from PCOS / PCOD ?

PCOS / PCOD can be found in lean and thin patients as well as in obese patients.

The following tests should be done (as required to the symptoms of person):

  1. Prolactin,
  2. Androstenedione,
  • Thyroid Profile
  1. LH, FSH and Estradiol on Day 3 of cycle.
  2. On day 21, progesterone
  3. HbA1c,
  • Fasting insulin,
  • Fasting Blood Sugar,
  1. Total and free testosterone
  2. Ultrasound.

 Ayurvedic Treatment to  PCOS / PCOD –

We at Aasha Ayurveda treat PCOS / PCOD with Lifestyle Modification , Medicinal treatment and with Basti Treatment with surety of cure. We work on the basic principles to treat PCOS and infertility. As per Ayurveda, Uterus is in Basti that is the place of VATA. Also in Obese patients, Kapha adds to VATA. Hence, Disturbed Vata and  Kaphavrit strotas results to PCOS / PCOD. Using authentic herbs and  procedures of Panchkarma, PCOS/ PCOD is treated at our centre.

Nasyam  is the other Panchkarma treatment used in treatment of PCOS / PCOD. Medicated oil is poured in the nose early morning or in the evening before sunset. This stimulates the brains cells and maintains hormonal level. Nasyam has great results in normalizing LH, FSH, TSH, AMH levels.

Virechana: is also the Panchkarma therapy which is used for Beej Sanskaar and is very beneficial in cases of Recurrent Congenial Anomalies, Recurrent Abortions and Infertility with unknown cause. It detoxifies the male sperm and female ovum and also eliminates the excess Pitta  from body. 90% of females conceive in the next cycle after Virechana.

Do These Alternatives Work?

Yes, because they are treating the root cause of the PCOS/ PCOD. My all the patients, married or unmarried got treated with PCOS / PCOD .Infertile or IVF failure couple have conceived naturally and have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies.